Our Mission

We ensure access to affordable and quality health care for those who need it the most. Aging adults and people with disabilities are equipped with the essential knowledge needed to make well-informed Medicare Advantage Plan decisions.

What We Do


Fact-Based Research

Guides, solutions, and outreach are guided by those who are affected by Medicare the most: Medicare beneficiaries. We regularly conduct interviews and surveys to pinpoint the challenges real people face with Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans in particular. Guides, resources, and educational outreach programs are informed by research to provide solutions to real problems.


Expert Analysis

Medicare experts have invaluable expertise, guiding with Medicare recipients day in and day out. We consult experts from general practitioners to Medicare insurance consultants to ensure our advice is on target and helpful for those who need it most. Sources and content are vetted by experts, and their input informs our research, analysis, and education strategy.

Our Approach to Medicare Advantage Plans

Our team of Medicare Advantage Plan experts have an intimate knowledge of all things Medicare and are dedicated to improving the lives of Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare can be confusing, with less-than-straightforward nuances and terminology that can be confusing. Guides and resources on MedicareAdvantagePlans.org are clear, easy to understand, and thoroughly researched. We’re focused on ensuring Medicare beneficiaries and their families are equipped with the knowledge to make decisions that will improve their lives.


How We Do It

Our Review Process

Accurate, comprehensive solutions for Medicare Advantage Plans are at the forefront of what we do. Each step, from strategy to outreach, is reviewed by one of our reputable and experienced Medicare Advantage Plan experts who share a vision of accessible, affordable, and quality health care.

Our roster of experienced experts includes nurses, Medicare consultants, and educators who ensure our content is of the highest quality, accurate, and provides the best Medicare Advantage Plan guidance possible.

Fact Checkers

Our team of experienced fact-checkers provides an unbiased review of our content to check for accuracy and integrity. Every single data point is reviewed and fact checked from reputable, current, and trust-worthy sources.

Our Editorial Policies

Medicare is complex — from navigating enrollment periods to understanding the many plans and coverage options available. We believe everyone deserves high quality, affordable health care coverage, and we help make that possible as a trusted resource for Medicare Advantage Plan beneficiaries and their loved ones

We rely on Medicare experts at all levels of our editorial process. Writers with a deep knowledge of Medicare craft each guide, which is fact checked and reviewed by our panel of Medicare brokers, Medicare consultants, and health benefits administrators. Using the latest sources, guides are heavily researched to ensure all information is accurate and up to date.

Meet the Team

  • team
    Roseann Birch Medicare consultant
    Roseann Birch Medicare consultant – LinkedIn

    Roseann Birch has worked in insurance for more than 35 years – which has shown her that Medicare is the most misunderstood of all insurance products. Although many adults 65 and over are eligible for Medicare, nearly just as many don’t understand how it works. Birch chose Medicare as her area of expertise, learning the ins and outs of Medicare and its variations and supplements to help beneficiaries and their families understand benefits. She finds there is often misinformation – even from official sources – and it’s her mission to clear up confusion so everyone can enjoy the full extent of Medicare benefits.

  • team
    Leron MooreMedicare consultant
    Leron MooreMedicare consultant – LinkedIn

    Leron Moore has guided Medicare beneficiaries and their families as a Medicare professional for nearly 15 years. First as a Medicare provider enrollment specialist, and now a Medicare account executive, Moore works directly with Medicare beneficiaries to ensure they understand Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans. He’s passionate about educating, informing, and resolving issues concerning Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans, and considers it imperative that he does all he can to educate and inform the senior community as much as possible about Medicare.

  • team
    Catherine TolliverMedicare consultant
    Catherine TolliverIndependent Medicare consultant – LinkedIn

    Catherine Tolliver became a Medicare benefits consultant in 2016, a career born out of a love of helping people. Tolliver enjoys helping seniors navigate their Medicare options, realizing the level of confusion and uncertainty many Medicare beneficiaries experience. Catherine loves putting a smile on her clients’ faces as she demonstrates patience and invests the time necessary to educate them about the Medicare options available.


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COVID-19 Waivers Improved Medicare Advantage Telehealth Access – More than nine in 10 seniors who took advantage of the improved Medicare and Medicare Advantage telehealth access plan reported a positive experience.

Nationwide and the National Council on Aging offer new Medicare plan assessment tool – Nationwide has partnered with the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to offer a free, self-service website to help consumers and financial professionals access the Medicare information they need to make informed decisions about their health care coverage.

In the News

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Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits grew in 36 out of 41 categories for 2021 – Compared to 2020, many Medicare Advantage Plans increased access to supplemental benefits. More plans in 2021 offer vision, hearing, fitness, dental, remote access, transportation, and many more supplemental benefits than they did in 2020. That’s good news for Medicare beneficiaries choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Here’s how to handle your Medicare coverage if you’re moving to another state – There are various rules that apply to interstate moves, and costs may be different in your new state. Often, the process of making the switch is fairly straightforward, experts say.