Our Mission

Our goal is to ensure access to affordable and quality health care for those who need it the most. We aim to equip aging adults and people with disabilities the essential knowledge needed to make well-informed Medicare decisions.

What We Do


Fact-Based Research

We wanted our vision, solutions, outreach, and our content to be guided by those who are affected by Medicare the most. In order to do this, we’ve conducted countless interviews and surveys in order to pinpoint the real problems real people are facing with Medicare. From these conversations, we’ve created comprehensive guides and educational outreach programs that aim to answer the real problems people are facing.


Expert Analysis

We also work with those who are on the ground floor working with patients – from general practitioners to medicare insurance consultants. Not only are our sources for our content and campaigns vetted by experts, we use their input to inform our organization’s research, analysis, education strategy.

Our Approach to Medicare Advantage

Our team of Medicare Advantage experts have an intimate knowledge of all things Medicare and are dedicated to improving the lives of aging adults. We know Medicare can be confusing with so many nuances and terminology that is often times not as straight forward as it should be. Because of this, everything on MedicareAdvantagePlans.org is thoroughly researched with a focus on ensuring aging adults and their families are equipped with the knowledge to make the best decisions that will improve their lives.


How We Do It

Our Review Process

Because we want to give you accurate and comprehensive answers to your problems, everything we do, from strategy to outreach, is reviewed by one of our reputable and experienced Medicare Advantage experts who share the vision of accessible, affordable, and quality health care.

Our experienced experts of doctors, social workers, consultants, and educators verify our content is of the highest quality, accurate, and provides the best Medicare guidance possible.

Fact Checkers

Our team of experienced fact-checkers provides an unbiased review of our content to check for accuracy and integrity. Every single data point is reviewed and fact checked from reputable, current, and trust-worthy sources.

Our Editorial Policies

Medicare is complex — from navigating enrollment periods to understanding the many plans and coverage options available. We aim to be a trusted source for Medicare consumers and their loved ones, because we believe everyone deserves high-quality, affordable healthcare coverage.

To accomplish this we rely on Medicare experts on all levels of our editorial process. We use writers with a deep knowledge of Medicare to craft each article and each article written is fact-checked and reviewed by our panel of Medicare Brokers, Medicare Consultants, and Health Benefit Administrators. All of our articles are heavily researched with the latest sources cited to ensure all information is accurate and up to date.

Meet the Team

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    LeRon MooreMedicare Consultant
    LeRon MooreMedicare Consultant, LinkedIn

    I started my Medicare journey in 2007 as a Medicare Provider Enrollment Specialist. Since then, I have had a number of titles under the Medicare banner which include, Claim Specialist, Member Services Representative, Provider Services Representative, Telesales Specialist, and also as a Medicare Sales Field Agent. By working in the various departments listed above I was able to acquire enough knowledge to land my current position, which is an Account Executive (Medicare). I truly enjoy working with Medicare beneficiaries to make sure that they understand Medicare and Medicare Advantage. It is my passion to effect change, educate, inform, and resolve issues concerning Medicare and Medicare Advantage. It is imperative that I do my part to educate and inform the Senior Community as much as possible about Medicare and Medicare Advantage. It is very important that each Senior understands Medicare and Medicare Advantage and the benefits according to their plan.

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    Roseann Birch Medicare Consultant
    Roseann Birch Medicare Consultant, LinkedIn

    After my time as a licensed Florida Health, Life & Annuity Agent since 1986 in the Health Insurance field, I realized that Medicare was the most misunderstood of all insurance products. Everyone aged 65 or over that has worked at least 10 years in this country (and those that have been on disability for 24 months) is eligible for Medicare but literally no one understands it! It is my choice as a health care professional to be an expert in one field as opposed to somewhat knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance. I chose Medicare as my field of expertise. Over the years, I’ve learned all the ins and outs of original Medicare, as well as supplemental plans, Part D prescription drug plans and the ever popular Advantage plans. I am also experienced in all enrollment periods including Initial Enrollment, Annual enrollment, Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment periods available to Medicare recipients.

    On many occasions, I have sat down with Medicare patient that have been given incorrect information by representatives of Social Security and/or Medicare. In these cases, I’ve said “They are wrong, you were given the wrong information. Go back and speak with someone else.” Many times, they will smile and comment, “You think you know more than the people at social security?” My response is “Yes, actually I do!” And in each case, they are only too happy to come back to me and confirm that the information I gave them was correct and that, indeed, the person they had spoken with was incorrect.

  • team
    Kelly Blackwell Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
    Kelly Blackwell Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), LinkedIn

    As a healthcare professional for more than 30 years, I have walked alongside and cared for seniors as they journeyed through the seasons of their fourth quarter of life. I understand that the choices we make about our health insurance are based on what is most important to us – what our values, goals, and beliefs are about quality of life. I am passionate about engaging with, educating, and empowering seniors as they navigate the healthcare system; and I believe I am equipped to lend an experienced, compassionate voice to information and content related to Medicare Advantage.

    I am a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® with access to valuable resources for Medicare beneficiaries. My work experience as a bedside nurse and as a Clinical Manager has afforded me the opportunity to understand Medicare rules, regulations, and benefits; as well as Medicare as a payor source. Because I have a passion to learn and to make a difference in the lives of seniors, I have pursued graduate level education as a Palliative Care Community Specialist, with a Master of Science in Health Care Administration. I maintain an active Registered Nurse license, and I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1986. On a personal note, I am poised to join the ranks of Medicare beneficiaries this year, and I intend to sign up for the Medicare Advantage plan that best suits my particular needs.


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